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Solar Water Heater consists of 30 pcs evacuated vacuum tube, 200 Liter hot water tank and 200 Liter expansion tank.
* Chrome – Nickel Inner and Outer Tank
* Running at – 40°C without antifreeze
* Polyurethan Insulation
* Easy Installation
* Aesthetic Appearance
* Maximum Rendement
* High Quality
* Small Settlement

Our systems are used in the vacuum tube 30 pieces. 47/1800 mm glas tube lenghts of two kinds. Storage capacity of 200 liters. In theese systems, 200 lt water tank used I the cold. Cold water tanks used in chrom-nickel stainless steel float ball.

Been intertwined with the cold water tank and hot water tank is composed of two tanks. Internal storage plate 304, the outer covering 430 quality stainless steel plate. Repositories to provide insulation between the inner tank and outer stealth was placed 5 cm polyurethane insulation.

Vacuum tubes used in our system nested been obtained by combining two of the tube.Selective in the interior of the tube surface.Combination air vacuum between the two tubes.Thus, heat loss may occur when tubes are minimized.Vacuum tube solar energy systems can be used in even the severe winter conditions.Store in glass tubes used in the polyurethane insulation and vacuum air, warmed up in the system is designed to maintain the temperature of the water for a long time.Vacuum tubes used in the system because of the round than in other systems are exposed the sunlight. Therefore, a better yield than other systems is provided.Vacuum tube solar energy system of today has become the most preferred conditions. The system is also located on the cold water tank, hot water tank as polyurethane insulation was used.

Solar Water Heaters With Vacuum Tube

Number Of Tubes 30 Pcs 30 Pcs
Dimensions Of Tubes 47mm x 1500mm 47mm x 1850mm
Hot Water Tank Capacity 200 Liter
Expansion Tank Capacity 200 Liter
Absorbant Area 3 m²

A  :  1710mm A  :  1740mm
B  :  1810mm B  :  1780mm
C  :  1320mm C  :  1600mm
D  :  420mm D  :  420mm
E  :  1450mm E  :  1830mm

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